Sunday, March 24, 2013

Formally Informal

Try to combine different colors, but make sure that you will not go against the rules of fashion. Just have a keen eye in observing which colors go well together.
I just love the color of the pants plus the awesome fit. 
Tip: If you would be buying new jeans make sure to buy the ones which best fits you, don't focus on the colors or the designs, I assure you once the jeans don't fit you well, you will never use it again.
 Near view of the shirt plus the cardigan. As I said before, cardigans are very versatile, you can use it with almost everything.
Back view of the cardigan.
What I'm wearing:
Shirt - Penshoppe
Cardigan - Oxygen
Pants - Folded&Hung
Necklace - Folded&Hung
Bracelet (Black Plain) - SM Accessories
Bracelet (Pink Plain) - Folded&Hung
Bag - Folded&Hung
Venue: Mapua Institute of Technology
Photographer: Charl Pantaleon

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