Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Light and Dark

I love this black shirt with bits of yellow splattered in it. It looks like the outer space! Never mind the face, its just that I could not find any good shot (meaning I have a descent look in the shot) to show the near view of the shirt.
 Spiked Accessory, to add some edge to the outfit.
Tip: Try wearing an all dark outfit (with colors ranging from Black to Gray) and add some accessories with a bright color that would immediately pop out (in this case the orange socks). Any accessories would do, try a necklace or perhaps a bracelet, the bottom line is you use something light, the lighter the better. Its is very cool and at the same time catchy.
What I'm wearing:
Shirt - Oxygen
Cardigan - Oxygen
Pants - Bench
Socks - Oxygen
Necklace - Folded&Hung
Bracelet (Spikes) - SM Accessories
Venue: Intramuros, Manila
Photographer: Charl Pantaleon

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