Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Sweet Nothing

I decided to try a Long Sleeved Polo for a change but since the temperature is so high , I wore it 3/4 style.
Polo opened, so the shirt could take a peek. Also, this is the only shot where you can see clearly the feather necklace I'm wearing.
Tip: Skinny Jeans are part of the fashion trends today so make sure you don't buy baggy pants anymore. 
 Studded Accessory.
What I'm wearing:
Shirt - Folded&Hung
Polo - Penshoppe
Pants - Bench
Necklace - Penshoppe
Bracelets (Black Plain) - SM Accessories
Bracelet (Black Studs) - SM Accessories
Venue: Mapua Institute of Technology
Photographer: Charl Pantaleon