Saturday, April 6, 2013

Temple Run

 Sometimes loosed shirt looks cool, so if you have one, don't throw it away, instead try customizing or altering it.
 Front view wearing the cardigan.
Tip: Can you see my accessories here? Well, look closely. I combined two different accessories and it looks pretty cool. Try doing this with your own accessories and see how it looks.
Side view wearing the cardigan. I just love the shape of that cardigan. Also, I love the prints on my socks, Aztec, just the right design.
What I'm wearing:
Shirt - Hang Ten
Cardigan - Oxygen
Pants - Bench
Socks - Oxygen
Necklace (Cylindrical) - SM Accessories
Dogtag - Silverworks
Venue: Intramuros, Manila
Photographer: Charl Pantaleon

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