Monday, April 8, 2013

Summer Ombre

 Top view of my outfit. Sorry for the low quality photos, its just that when I get bored, I do this! Please bear with me, I'll be posting more of these "SELF SHOOT" photos.
 Tip: "Short" Shorts are in this season, make sure you have one, comfort and style combined.
 Near view of the spiked bracelet.
 Color combination.
I just love this tank top, it looks freaking good! It's summer guys, follow the trend! I myself am addicted to tank tops, literally.
What I'm wearing:
Shirt - Folded&Hung
Shorts - Bench
Necklace - Folded&Hung
Bracelet - Gift from Khrysthel
Venue: Home sweet home
Photographer: The one and only "ME"

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