Monday, April 15, 2013

Two Faces

 This polo is just cool and versatile, its brilliant! I can wear it to a formal occasion and also to casual events, in other words, it is formally informal. 
 Simple look you can do!
 As I said before, combining light and dark colors makes an interesting and cool look.
Tip: When wearing a simple shirt partnered with jeans, make sure to add some details (accessories; in this case the socks and the necklace). Try to go beyond your comfort zone!
 That face! I think, I was holding my laugh here!
Back view of the polo.
What Im wearing:
Polo - Folded&Hung
Shirt - Folded&Hung
Pants - Bench
Socks - Oxygen
Necklace - Silverworks
Venue: Intramuros, Manila
Photographer: Charl Pantaleon

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